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Easter Video Display
Snow Globe Christmas Package Intro, lower third, etc
Psalm 23 Video Display
Riders Sport, music or event promotion
Outdoors Broadcast package Opener, lower thirds, end credits, etc
We Own The Night Event Promotion
The Sales Pitch Video Display
Event Promotion Event Promotion
Street Life Sports Package Opener, lower thirds, end credits, etc
Rock Show Event Promotion
Soul Music Event Promotion
Sports Show Package Opener, lower thirds, end credits, etc
Business Concept Video display
Happy Valentine Special Event
Indie Event Event Promotion
Cutting Edge Package Opener, lower thirds, end credits, etc
Country Music Event Promotion
Music Festival Event Promotion
Event Advert Event Promotion
Fight Night Event Promotion
Red Carpet Event Promotion


Happy Creative creates Adobe After Effects templates.

Adobe After Effects is a leading animation and motion graphics software package used by creatives worldwide. For some the learning curve can be quite steep or they simply don’t have the time to learn the software. This is where templates can be of great help. Ready made, professionally designed and top quality templates already exist and are ready for you to download and start promoting your product or market your event or service. If you already have the basic skills to edit the text and replace the images or videos, a ready made template is the way to go. Or, if you do not have the know-how yet feel free to contact us regarding customisation and rendering. But how does it work?

All our templates are hosted on the Videohive marketplace (part of the Envato network). You will need to create an account (free of charge) and then deposit money to your Videohive account. Various payment options are available. The benefits of using Videohive as a marketplace includes safe and secure payments and templates are reviewed for quality and ease of use before being accepted to the marketplace.

  • Professional and top quality motion graphics.
  • Payments are safe and secure.
  • Big emphasis on ease of use (help documentation included with each template).



Professional looking and quality. These two values are at the core of what we think templates should be. In today’s marketplace there less and less room for average or mediocre and to compete you need your brand, service, company and message to stand out.


Promote your brand, service or message in a dynamic and relevant way. With the big impact social media and the web has had on our world you can not afford to fall behind. Using a video for promotion is one way to communicate in a modern and effective way which is easy to be shared and viewed by potential customers or clients.

Ease of use

All templates are created while keep the novice user in mind. Adobe After Effects is a professional software package, meaning it can take a while for some to learn all there is to know. But just knowing the basics (edit text and inserting your own media like images or videos) is enough to edit our templates. A handy help file take users through a step by step process. Most of these help files also contain screen shots.


We also offer customisation and rendering services. If you do not have the time or know-how to edit the templates please us know. We also do custom projects.


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch with us.

We are always willing to help with modifying templates, render or export for you, discuss new projects or assist where we can.

Happy Creative | After Effects Templates


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